A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

"Message 1/1. Friday March 3rd, 1989. 03:16AM. "I was wrong. She has found us. Please don't co-*inaudible*"

A silly little unpolished retro RPG based on a much-scarier looking Famicase design.

Explore a fantasy world set far in our future as 3 people find out how it was destroyed in 1989. Or don't, as you discover the myriad mistakes I accidentally left in the game that will inevitably bork the whole thing.

Made in two weeks for #myfirstgamejam Summer 2016 and A Game By Its Cover 2016 game jams. The first real game I've ever attempted to make.


Basics assets from RPG Maker MV

Music by Aaron Krogh (https://soundcloud.com/aaron-anderson-11)

Based on Dan Clarke's Famicase design.


MFGJSummer2016SHE-Windows.zip 116 MB
MFGJSummer2016SHEMac.zip 118 MB


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Hey, you should upload the PC & Mac builds as separate uploads, so they're playable in https://itch.io/app !

Thank you! First time uploader, so thanks for the tip :)